How to Avoid Stress This Holiday Season...

Hire a Holiday Designer!


November 2, 2020

Written by Michelle Parrish

We Can All Agree...

... there is a desire to get into the holiday with excitement and joy in planning festive events to gather with family and friends. As we get closer to the holidays we only to soon realize all the work that's needed to get our events ready (not including the desire to add yearly traditions such as town festivals, Christmas tree shopping, Christmas lights, seeing Santa, hot chocolate and a cheesy Hallmark movie we just can't help but watch, and the list goes on):

  • Guest list for Thanksgiving
  • Food plan and grocery list
  • Send out invites
  • Christmas cards and pictures
  • Shopping
  • December calendar - filled with events and parties
  • Decorating

Then there's meeting your deadlines at work, grocery shopping, laundry, packing, prepping.... and on and on. Typing this list is already stressing me out.

What if one of the most time-consuming tasks was taken off your list?

You would have more TIME for those special moments, building memories with family and friends and a little less stress.

"But I have never used a Holiday Designer. How does it work?"

Relax and enjoy the Holidays

Holiday Design Made Easy!

How It Works

To get started, all you need to do is call or email an interior designer and ask them if they provide holiday design!

Step 1: Choose your package

There are a variety of packages for holiday design ranging from decorating with the items you have already collected over the years, to shopping for new pieces and installing them for you.

Step 2: Schedule a call

...with your designer to discuss the packages and get a better idea of what your needs are.

Step 3: Start thinking about themes

...and areas in your home you want to highlight with holiday decor! If you have an artificial tree or you are looking to purchase a real tree, decide where you would like it to go in your home and make it the focal point!

Step 4: Bring out your holiday decorations

...from storage and find inspiration photos for your designer to work with.

Step 5: Installation!

Designers can come to your home at the beginning of the holiday season to deck out your house from top to bottom, or schedule your designer to come over before you throw a party and have them pull everything together for your guests.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Enjoy your beautifully decorated home! If possible, take photos of your space and leave your designer a review. It means so much to us to get your feedback.

Bring out your decor

Bring out your decor



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Creating a space you can enjoy with family

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