Jenelle and Michelle are the two oldest of seven siblings. They are each others better halves. Jenelle has dedicated her time to helping clients find their perfect home while Michelle makes it feel like home. 


These two sisters paired up to create a company that helps, inspires and creates personal spaces that make you feel at home. With "Home Staging" they give you the vision of what the space could become. And with Design, they bring your vision to life. 


Both Jenelle and Michelle share the same love for helping others and bettering their community. Through Waypointe Realty and JM Staging and Design they look to bring trust, integrity, and excellence to each project and see their community grow with happy home owners growing roots in the towns they love. 


Jenelle Ferrer

Broker / Realtor

Letter from our Broker:

Functionality with design has always been important to me. I love beautiful design, but if it’s not functional for everyday life, it’s not something I’m interested in. Being able to work with customer on finding exactly what works for their life and style allows us to bring a lifestyle design approach to each person we work with. 

As a real estate broker, my perspective will always come from redesign with the intent of building equity and never over improving a property that a homeowner won’t live in for longer than 7 years. Using colors that are trending but maintain longevity is key to designing a sellable property. 

Michelle and I share similar but different professional perspectives which allows for a cohesive design that matches the desires and lifestyle of the customer, while still making sure the property holds and maintains value for long-term goals. 

Yours Truly,

Jenelle Ferrer

Michelle Parrish

Designer & Stager

Letter from our Designer:

I have moved many times in my life and my favorite part of moving was all the possibilities of designing my new space. Sometimes even redesigning spaces once a month. Besides the love of designing my spaces, I enjoyed the challenge of working with what I had and bringing in new elements that would create the rooms I wanted to live in.

Fast forward a couple years: I married an incredible man, had two beautiful children and continued to design for friends and family and myself. I became the go-to designer for quick fixes, the creative eye, redesign and staging to sell. It has always been something I loved and had as a hobby and side project.

I moved across country with my family, from Los Angeles to Orlando, teamed up with my sister and launched JM Staging and Design. We hadn't officially launched when I booked my first 4 staging projects and saw the power staging had in selling a home.

The foundation of this company is God, family, and fostering community. With JM Staging and Design we want to help our clients reach their goals and enhance their life within their local area.

We are excited to design your home. Message us below. We would love to hear from you.

Warm Regards,

Michelle Parrish

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